Berlin Amateur Chili Eating Competition @ Berlin Chili Fest

Berlin Amateur Chili Eating Competition @ Berlin Chili Fest
Sunday 8th September 2024

This event is open to all Amateur chili-eating competitors and is free to enter, the winner will win a trophy and giveaways, and all contestants will get a certificate.

The chili peppers used in the competition will come from Pandemonic’s organic farm, where special crosses as well as new super spicy varieties will be bred especially for this occasion. The entire event will be hosted by PanDemonic.

The winner will be officially be allowed to compete in the pro event the following year and entered into the “League of Fire” official scoreboard.

The competition will follow the “League of Fire” rules.

This is not for the faint-hearted, you will need to sign a disclaimer.

How do i enter? Just turn up at the Berlin Chili Festival on Sunday by 1pm and register at the table by the stage.

The first round will be from 2pm, so even if you don’t want to compete, come watch the show.

Help us on our quest to find a local legend!
There can be only one!

★★★★★ TICKETS ★★★★★

Tickets are 5€ Donation (entry for both days) to cover the costs of the festival, get them here:

★★★★★ LOCATION ★★★★★

Berliner Berg Brauerei
Treptower Str. 39, 12059 Berlin

★★★★★ COMMUNITY ★★★★★

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