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Flare Gun Hour: Fabiana Striffler (violin) Johannes Schleiermacher (flute/synthesizer) Jörg Hochapfel (synthesizer/melodica)

Flare Gun Hour:
Fabiana Striffler (violin)
Johannes Schleiermacher (flute/synthesizer)
Jörg Hochapfel (synthesizer/melodica)

Fabiana Striffler is a german violinist and composer, nominated for the german jazz prize in 2022.
Last year she released her 3rd album Archiotíc: „More consistently than ever, she crosses stylistic boundaries, allowing virtuosity and humour to dance around each other in composition and performance in a way that is rarely heard.“ Deutschlandfunk Kultur. Radio Bremen Zwei describes her as one of the „most sought-after violinists in German jazz and pop“. Her second album Sweet And So Solitary is considered “revolutionary in jazz“ by Zitty magazine. Her debut album Mahagoni was nominated by Deutschlandfunk Kultur in the category of “Best Album of the Year”.
She has toured and collaborated in a number of studio, radio, and film productions. She currently works with oscar award winner Hildur Guðnadóttir and is considered both, a brilliant violinist and a robust fiddler.

Johannes Schleiermacher joined the band of Free Jazz legend Gunter Hampel at age 17 and soon after moved to Berlin, where he still lives.
He founded „Woima Collective“ in 2009 and „Onom Agemo and the Disco Jumpers“ in 2012, releasing 5 albums as band leader and producer.
He is a steady member of duo TRAINING, Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte, Shake Stew, Bruchgold & Koralle and Rodinia, while also playing with Hermeto Pascoal, Tony Allen, Perry Robinson, Shabaka Hutchings, Jimi Tenor and the Poets of Rhythm.

Jörg Hochapfel is a player of keyed instruments and part-time guitarist, based in Berlin.
Current projects are surrealist jazz band Bruchgold & Koralle, modular synth duo Palais d’Amour with Uwe Haas, exotica Zabots with Nils Kacirek and post-anything-project Hunger.
He’s also part of Onom Agemo & The Disco Jumpers, Fabiana Striffler’s Archiotic and Max Andrzejewski’s Hütte Plays Robert Wyatt project, as well as having been a long time member of Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra and a short time member of the Jimi Tenor Band.

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