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Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher

Hania Rani and Dobrawa Czocher are the youngest female composer duo signed to Deutsche Grammophon. They began making music together in their early teens, discovering an instinctive artistic connection with one another. Both are now successful musicians in their own right, but that special bond remains unchanged. “There’s a lot of sisterhood between us,” explains Rani. Czocher agrees, adding, “When you’re siblings, you can be honest. We trust each other.”
The central element of Inner Symphonies is hope. During lockdown Hania and Dobrawa were able to encourage each other both as friends and as musical collaborators when they began composing this distinctive set of pieces. “I remember Hania telling me her grandmother would say, ‘Spring will come, that’s for sure’”, recalls Dobrawa. “The world seemed to be falling apart when we began work on the album, but we had hope for a better future. And it was a joy to have the Deutsche Grammophon team on our side. They were so supportive, and that gave us the freedom to develop our music.”


Dienstag, 29.11.2022


20:00 Uhr
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