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The U.S. Embassy Literature Series: Michael Lederer

U.S. Embassy Literature Series 2023/International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Selected readings from “Casual Baggage”

Based on the true story of a small group of Jewish refugees admitted into America during WWII. Numbering less than a thousand, they were kept behind barbed wire in an internment camp upstate NY until the war’s end. Years later, one survivor from that group finds it easier to share his story with a young Black woman he has just met than with his own US-American-born son.

with Harvey Friedman as Ivo, Daniel Grave as Michael, Sarai Cole as Rada, Mareile Metzner as Player One, and Alexander Schröder as Player Two
followed by a discussion with the playwright Michael Lederer.
Moderator: Daniel Brunet, Artistic Director, English Theatre Berlin | International Performing Arts Center 

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