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The Siren Project Manton Dialect: Transitions, Combos, Performance Skills!

This class will teach you the most efficient and interesting ways to combine manton steps into longer combos. We will review some important details of armwork with manton and analize fast and slow manton steps in terms of beginning and ending positions, lines and shapes, how they fit together or contrast.

Agata will also share some music interpretation tips and ideas for planning a manton performance – suitable for a solo, small formation or a large group. Altogether – you will gain inspiration and some important performance skills!

Suitable for dancers familiar with at least the basics of manton dialect.


This workshop is marked as LIVE & ONLINE, and will be held in the studio and streamed online.

As a global online event organizer, we are aware of the fact that money is not distributed evenly amongst all of the world’s regions and social strata. That is why we are calculating our fees on a sliding scale. If you are low on funds you are welcome to pay the lower fees. We are asking no questions about your actual financial status, but we believe that the international dance community is based on solidarity. If you find yourself in a comfortable financial position we are grateful if you can pay a fee that is higher on the scale. Thus, you are providing fair payment for the work of the organizers and teachers while supporting fellow dancers who are less privileged. Thank you!

Your workshop fee is on a sliding scale. That means that you can decide for yourself how much you are willing and able to pay for the workshop(s).


Samstag, 01.07.2023


16:00 Uhr
Mühlenberger Markt 1
30457 Hannover


39,50 EUR

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reduced: If you are low on fundssolidarity: If you are in a comfortable financial situationDie Veranstaltung ist ab 14 Jahren.


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