Prendre la Parole: Ausstellung, Lesung, Workshops

Multidisciplinary artist Laura Mahnke is presenting her site specific ceramic sculptures installation accompanied by her book on the topic ‘Prendre la Parole: To take the stage, to have the word’.
In the artists’ words: “Prendre la parole literally means to take the word or to take the speech. I have made it the starting point for an auto-theoretical and impulsive research around finding my own ways of speaking: as a woman, as an artist, with my own story, in a world that is on fire. The point is that speaking must involve the body and its history, its imprint. It’s about writing and speaking, even though I don’t yet know exactly how to do it or what I actually want to say. It’s about speaking at all or speaking anyway.”

Friday the 26th., 19 – 23: Exhibition Vernissage w. Reading from the artists’ book and Party
Saturday the 27th., 12 – 17: Workshops around pottery-making mixed with creative writing
Exhibition duration: 26th. July – 30th. August 2024

Spontaneous visits are welcome (and encouraged)
More info at:

Free, although participating in a full workshop requires a donation of 15€ and above (p.p, including art supplies).

Nächster Termin

Freitag, 26.07.2024


19:00 Uhr


23:00 Uhr
Georg-Schumann-Str. 136
04155 Leipzig


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