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Andy Moor – Guitar
John Butcher – Saxophones
Thomas Lehn – Analogue Synthesiser

THERMAL formed in 2001 to play in a disused railway station in Bruxelles. Three musicians from quite different musical backgrounds – Moor (The EX, Dog Faced Hermans), Butcher (jazz and improvisation) & Lehn (classical piano before synth explorations) – evolving along their different routes to meet in free improvisation. For twenty years they’ve been taking their subtle and explosive music throughout Europe. As a trio they achieve,“a perfect disposition of sounds and minds”, as their music “takes a trip on alternately smooth and rocky roads in a display of intertwined magic”. “But Thermal is no mere brutal slugfest – far from it – behind the grit and the sweat there's a cunning sense of complicity and cogent sense of structure.” With Lehn and Butcher, Moor puts in a remarkable performance, pulling no punches with his personal take on electric guitar and navigating a potentially hazardous improvising situation with such confidence that he often seems to be steering. Lehn and Butcher fare well in this encounter too, bending, extending and adapting what they do without compromising essentials. It’s a highly persuasive point of access to the work of all three musicians.

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