Schnelle sechs Fragen an: Port Cities

Port Cities sind ein Geheimtipp, den es zu entdecken gilt. Von ihren harmonischen und gut durchdachten Songs müssen Popfans einfach angetan sein.

Carleton Stone, Breagh Mackinnon und Dylan Guthro sind die Einzelteile der kanadische Band Port Cities. Noch vor wenigen Jahren tourten die drei Singer-/Songwriter als Solisten durchs Land. Schnell mussten sie jedoch feststellen, dass ihre musikalische Zusammenarbeit noch viel, viel mehr ist, als die Summe ihrer Einzelteile. Am 19. September 2016 sind sie live im Blue Note zu hören. Bevor die Publikumsherzen erobert wurden, haben wir sie uns noch schnell für schnelle Sechs. 

Please describe your music in an unusual way: If your music was an animal, which one would it be?

Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee


When is the best time of the day or mood to be in, to listen to your music?

Any time you’re in the mood for sexy, three-part harmonies. 

When I think of three Singer/Songwriter in one band, I imagine a 24/7 song-producing-factory. But with screaming, fighting and maybe even tears, when it comes to composing and writing songs, cause at first everyone likes its own ideas most. How is that for you?

We communicate so well together and have known each other for so long, we usually are on the same page when one song idea really works. Otherwise, we settle disputes over a bottle of wine. 

You published two singles on Spotify. Especially your song „Back to the Bottom“ has been clicked for nearly 200.000 times. When can we expect your first album?

Our album comes out in February 10th, 2017! 

Last week you took part in the third scheune Songcamp and mentored young musicians. How has it been? 

Working with Saxonian songwriter for the past three years has been incredible. The amount of talent in this part of the world is amazing and we’re so happy we get to travel collaborate with such amazing writers and humans. 

Is there any highlight you happily remember, when you think of Dresden or Germany in general? 

Our three favorite parts about Germany:  

1). The people

2). The Dürüms

3). The beer 

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